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Traffic Enforcement - NOW IN EFFECT
Posted on Jul 20th, 2017 Comments (0)
The PSL Police Department will be patrolling our streets for speeding and other traffic violations.  As you should have noticed, the posted Speed Limit within Magnolia Lakes is now 20 MPH.  Please obey the speed limit and stop signs.
Posted on Jun 6th, 2017 Comments (0)
Fertilizer in storm water runoff can cause excessive nutrients to enter waterways in the City, this can lead to algae growth in our waterways including the North Fork of the St. Lucie River.
If you plan to fertilize your lawn, here’s is a brief summary of what you need to know:
  • Restricted Season—No fertilizer containing nitrogen and/or phosphorus (phosphate) shall be applied to turf or landscape plants from June 1 to September 30 each year.
  • Weather Watch—No application of fertilizer shall be made when a flood, tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning is forecast, or more than 2 inches of rain is expected.
  • Nitrogen Application – During the non-restricted season October 1 to May 31, nitrogen fertilizer must contain at least 50% slow release nitrogen.
  • Phosphorus Application—No fertilizer containing phosphorus (phosphate) shall be applied anytime during the year, unless a soil test showing a deficiency is taken. Contact UF-IFAS extension office for further information on testing at (772) 462-1660.
  • Fertilizer-Free Zone—Do not apply fertilizer within 10 feet from the top of bank of any water surface, wetland, or landward edge of a seawall.
  • Storm water Run Off—Keep fertilizer off hard surfaces, and out of ditches, conveyances or water bodies. If spilled, clean up immediately. Keep grass clippings and landscape debris from being deposited into storm drains, ditches, surface waters, and roadways to reduce runoff pollution.
  • Enforcement—Violations of this ordinance and its requirements can result in monetary fines Residents are encouraged to make their landscape a Florida-friendly Landscape. Do your part to create a more sustainable Florida! Down load a copy of the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Handbook.
Posted on May 18th, 2017 Comments (0)
You may water per your irrigation schedule as normal.
If you would like more information regarding your irrigation, please see the "Landscape & Irrigation Info" tab.
Magnolia Lakes Photos
Posted on May 15th, 2017 Comments (0)
Photo Credit: Lew Bauer, President of BOD
If you have pictures you have taken on the property of Magnolia Lakes, please forward them to the office email at:; we would love to see them, and possibly even feature them on the website!
We would love to show our residents photography on the website! Of course photo credit will be given if the photos are added to the news/announcement areas on the Home Page of the Magnolia Lakes website.
Thank you in advance for the photos!
Facebook Disclaimer
Posted on May 10th, 2016
Residents have started a neighbor to neighbor Magnolia Lakes Facebook page and are inviting Magnolia Lakes residents to join. 
This page is NOT CONNECTED with Magnolia Lakes Residents' Association, Corporation and are not official sources of Resident information.
Magnolia Lakes Residents' Association official information is contained in its official documents, meeting minutes, website and its official bulletin boards.
Magnolia Lakes is not responsible for any of the content on this Facebook Page.